Bentonville Trail Surface Types & Wet Weather

March 21, 2022

When you’re thinking about where to ride in wet conditions, first consider what the trail is made out of.
Below we’ll cover the 3 main types of trail surfaces you’ll find in Northwest Arkansas.

1. Clay Capped Trails

These are the orange-dirt trails you’ll find in Slaughter Pen. Clay capped trails are smooth and fun when dry, but get squishy like peanut butter when wet. Peanut butter trails = slippery riding conditions and damaged trails.

Clay capped trails tend to hold water and stay softer longer. It’s best to wait for these to dry out for a safer ride and to leave less impact on the trails.

2. Natural Arkansas Rocky Surface Trails

The natural rocky surfaces are composed of a mix of dirt and rock. These trails shed water well and tend to dry out much faster than other trails. You’ll find these majority of these trails are in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

If you notice puddles or wet spots, the best practice is to ride straight through them. This minimizes unnecessary widening and erosion of the trail.

For trails with natural Arkansas rocky surface check out:
Coler Wet Weather Route Route

Bella Vista:
Wet Weather Route – Back 40 – Bella Vista Route
Tunnel Vision Loop
Down Under
Tweety Bird

Hidden Diversity Trail at Hobbs State Park

3. Paved Trails

Paved surfaces are a great option to get outside if other trails are still wet. If the temperatures have been cold, watch for ice. Otherwise, these are great options for enjoying the outdoors when other trails are not suitable for riding.

For paved surface trails in Northwest Arkansas check out:
Razorback Greenway
Bella Vista Lake Trail
Leopard Loop

Bella Vista
Metfield Skills Park
Blowing Springs Pump Track

Railyard Bike Park
Runway Bike Park


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