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Quality MTB rentals, delivered trailside in Bella Vista, Bentonville and Rogers! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Bike Rentals

What's the best way to book a rental?

Our Online Booking System is the quickest and easiest way to book. For questions, please call or text us at 479-341-6500.

For “Same-Day” bookings please call us so we can verify stock.

What is your delivery area?

We deliver bikes to local trailheads, homes, or your Airbnb. We serve Bentonville and Bella Vista. See our service areas HERE. Simply add in the delivery address while booking online. 

What's included with a rental?

With your Rental we include a helmet, free of charge. We have protective equipment available for rent for an additional fee. 

For Multiday Electric Bike Rentals we also include a smart charger that you can use overnight with a standard wall outlet. 

Why mountain bikers prefer delivery in our area?

Convenience is a big factor in why we deliver. Our area has many separate trail systems and it’s nice to be able to meet us at the trailhead and hop on your bike, no worries about hauling the bike from a shop to the trailhead. 

Do you rent bikes for youth? What type of bikes do you rent?

Our full-sized mountain bike rentals can be ridden by adults and teens. Please refer to the sizing guide on our rental booking page for information on sizing but our bikes can be ridden by all ages over 5ft tall. 

Our City/Greenway E-Bikes can be ridden by riders from 4’11” to 6’4″. They also include a passenger seat for children or small adults. Combined weight capacity is 300lbs.

Can I bring my own clipless pedals for your bikes? (BYOP)

All of our bikes come with flat pedals but we do allow our riders to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pedals) along to the rental. We provide a limited number of Crank Bros Candy or SPDs but cannot guarantee stock or fitment. You are responsible for removing your own pedals from your personal bike for liability reasons. Our staff will install our loaner pedals or your BYOP at no charge onto the rental bike. 

At delivery of your bike simply inform us that you’d like us to spin on your pedals and our team will do so for you. 

Need to Cancel? Rainy Day?

We offer our rentals rain or shine. If the weather turns hazardous we offer a full refund of your booking or we can reschedule you at no cost. We have wet-weather routes that can we a blast to ride with the right outerwear on. Feel free to ask us for wet-weather route recommendations.

Our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

– More than 3 days notice (>72 hours): 100% refund or free rescheduling for another time.

– Less than 3 days but more than 24 hours notice (72-24 hours): 50% refund or free rescheduling for another time.

– Day of Cancellations (Less than 24 hours): No refund

View Our Full Cancellation Policy HERE


Electric Mountain Bikes

Do E-MTB have a throttle?

Nope, they use a sensor to provide pedal assist only. You have to pedal in order to have assist from the electric motor. The bike has three modes of pedal assist that vary the amount of help the bike provides you.

Are there any restrictions on riding an E-MTB?

E-MTBs (Class 1) are permitted on trails in Benton and Washington County. We don’t have many of the restrictions that are seen on federal lands regarding E-bike usage on “non-motorized” trails. This commands us as riders to be good stewards of the trails we use and tread lightly.

How far can these bikes go on a charge?

Depending on the pedal assist mode, the bike will go up to 60 miles. It’s very rare that someone will run out of battery on the trails. If you do run out of juice it just becomes a regular mountain bike.  

What brand/type are your E-MTB

We use Fezzari Wire Peaks for our e-bike fleet. Fezzari is a direct to consumer bike brand based out of Utah. Their E-MTB offering is one of the most playful yet solid handling bikes that we’ve seen. If you would like to learn more about Fezzari or have an interest in purchasing one of their bike please visit

City/Greenway E-Bikes

Do these E-Bikes have a throttle?

Yes they do have a throttle, as they are a Class 2 E-Bike. The bike has 4 modes of pedal assist that vary the amount of help the bike provides you as well as a throttle. This assist on this bike is limited to 20 mph.

Are there any restrictions on riding an E-Bike?

Our City/Greeway E-Bikes (Class 2) are permitted on paved trails and roadways and are intended just for use on paved surfaces or gravel/dirt roads. This bikes cannot be ridden on MTB trails, and it wouldn’t be very fun too anyway. Rent one of our mountain bikes or E-MTBs for that purpose.

How far can these bikes go on a charge?

Depending on the pedal-assist mode, the Rad Runner 2 will go 20-45 miles. It’s very rare that someone will run out of battery on in a day’s ride. 

What brand/type are your E-Bikes

Our City E-Bikes are the Rad Runner 2 made by Rad Power Bikes. They are a moped style e-bike that is super fun and non-intimidating to ride. If you can balance and ride a standard bike, cruiser, or similar you’ll have a ton of fun exploring on a Rad Runner. You can learn more about Rad or purchase their bikes directly at